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Dec 4 2014
NOTICE OF INTENT TO AWARD RFP #852P017 - Tobacco Use Prevention Programs for Youth Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth will provide grant awards to the organizations listed below not to exceed the following award amounts: Award Period: July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2018 */ Organization Name... Read more
Nov 19 2014
RFP #852R008: Grants for Youth Tobacco Use Prevention Research The Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth announces its Best Value Request for Proposals (RFP) funding opportunity for research projects. Virginia universities, nonprofit/charitable organizations, government entities and businesses... Read more
Jun 13 2014
Latest Youth Survey Shows Continued Decline in Tobacco Use RICHMOND– The Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth (VFHY) and the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) announced Friday that youth smoking rates in Virginia have plummeted to an all-time low. The percentage of high school students in... Read more
May 22 2014
RFP# 852M411 - VFHY’s Social Marketing Initiatives, Messaging, and Media                                      Barber Martin Agency: $2.5 million Rescue Social Change Group: $500,000 Virginia Broadcast Solutions: $500,000 RFP# 852M413 – VFHY’s Evaluation and Research of VFHY’s Social... Read more
May 14 2014
RICHMOND – Did you know it would take 82 minutes of running in a giant gerbil ball to burn off the 87 sugar cubes – 780 calories – typically contained in a single 64 oz. soda?[i],[ii] Approximately 50,000 Virginians across the state will explore fun facts on the physical activity needed to burn off... Read more