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The Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth has provided quality regional trainings to prevention professionals throughout Virginia since 2005. Empower Series workshops/trainings are a collection of events aimed to help youth, advocates, and decision makers empower themselves and others to make healthy choices. These workshops/trainings will help develop professional, organizational and classroom management skills, increase general prevention knowledge, build capacity among statewide prevention and substance abuse professionals and more.

You can view all upcoming Empower Series workshops/trainings on VFHY’s events page.

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Potential Empower Series Workshop/Trainings Listings

Tobacco and Substance Prevention and Cessation Workshops

• A Closer Look at Prevention and Early Intervention for Substance Use in Teens and Young Adults – Barbara Burke
• An Introduction to E-Cigarettes – Barbara Burke
• Best Strategies to Support Tobacco Prevention Efforts – Alejandro Garcia-Barbon
• E-Cigarettes: What Are They, What Are the Health Risks, and What Can
We Do To Protect Youth – Barbara Burke
• E-Cigarette & Pod-Based Systems 101: Big Tobacco Reinvented – Barbara Burke, Pam Ray
• Effective Planning and Implementation for Tobacco-free School Campuses – Jim Martin
• Effective Tobacco Use Prevention & Cessation Strategies for Youth and
Young Adults –Alejandro Garcia-Barbon
• How To Make Tobacco An Issue in Priority Populations – Alejandro GarciaBarbon
• Introduction To Tobacco – Alejandro Garcia-Barbon
• Latest Tobacco Use Trends – Alejandro Garcia-Barbon
• Let’s Talk About Weed – Barbara Burke
• New Emerging Triangle: Tobacco, E-cigs and Marijuana – Jim Martin
• Planning and Implementing Evidence-Based Tobacco Use Prevention Strategies – Jim Martin
• Substance Use in Teens and Young Adults: Concerns and Strategies –
Barbara Burke
• The New Epidemic: JUUL Use Among Youth and Young Adults – Jim Martin
• The New Landscape of Tobacco Products: E-cigarettes and Other ENDS – Jim Martin
• Twenty First Century Vaping: A Youth Epidemic – Barbara Burke, Pam Ray
• “What Are They Smoking Now?”: An update on Vaping and Marijuana
with Teens and Young Adults. – Barbara Burke

Nutrition, Obesity, and Physical Activity Workshops

• Best Practices of Nutrition and Physical Activity for Early Childhood –
Alternative Inc
• Media Campaigns to Promote Obesity Prevention – Alejandro Garcia-Barbon
• Nutrition Education Made Fun: Effective and Creative Techniques for
Teaching Kids to Eat Healthy – Angie Hasemann Bayliss

Community Team Development,  Sustainability and Assessment Workshops

• Building and Sustaining a Culture of Strategic Intersections: Creating
Signature Partnerships in Your City – Paul Short
• Building Effective and Sustainable Coalitions – Health Resources in Action
• Collective Impact – Instructor: Health Resources in Action
• Community Assessment – Alejandro Garcia-Barbon
• Effective Strategic Planning – Alejandro Garcia-Barbon
• Effectively Engaging Multi-Sector Partners – Health Resources in Action
• Engaging and Empowering Priority Communities: Health Equity in Action – Health Resources in Action
• When You Have No $$$: Sustaining Your Coalition Efforts – Kim

Professional & Organizational Development Workshops

• 5 Languages of Appreciation at Work– Bernadette Costello
• Advanced Cultural Competency – Alejandro Garcia-Barbon
• Advanced Prevention – Alejandro Garcia-Barbon
• Awaken Your Creative Spirit – Alternatives Inc
• Behavioral Health Equity: A Social Justice Matter – Patricia Hill
• Building Protective Factors for Safe and Happy Youth and Families –
Markella Maschas
• Creating a Sustainable Culture of Workplace Empathy and Why this
Matters – Paul Short
• Cultural Competency I: Our Perception Is Our Reality – Kim Brown
• Cultural Competency II: The Self-Awareness Spectrum – Kim Brown
• Cultural Competency III: Cultural Competency in Action (Knowledge,
Skills, and Abilities) – Kim Brown
• Do You Hear What I Hear? – Alternatives Inc
• Learn How to Be Reflective With Your Staff: A Must For Supervisors! –
Markella Maschas
• Maintaining Professional Boundaries to Support Healthy Relationships and
Reduce Burnout – Markella Maschas
• Managing Conflict (4 hours) –Bernadette Costello
• Managing the Silent Side of Change (4 or 6 hours) – Bernadette Costello
• Performance Focused Conversations – Bernadette Costello
• Prevention 101 – Kim Brown
• Team Skilling for Leaders – Bernadette Costello
• The Power of Positivity: Maslow Was Definitely on to Something! – Donna

Youth Advocacy, Youth Development & Engagement Workshops

• Adultism: Barrier to Youth Engagement – Alternatives Inc
• Asset-Building – Alternatives Inc
• Boundaries with Youth –Health Resources in Action
• Service Learning – Alternatives Inc
• Supporting Healthy Relationships Among Young People – Health Resources
in Action
• Who Unplugged the Cord?: Disclosing Engagement Barriers Between Youth
and their Parents/Caregivers in a Digital/Screen-driven World – Paul Short

Facilitation & Classroom Management Workshops

• Advanced Facilitation: Understanding Your Audience: Help Motivate Them
to Want to Learn – Charlie McLaughlin
• The Art of Facilitation – Alternatives Inc
• Behavior and Classroom Management Training – Health Resources in Action
• Effective Presentation Skills – Virginia Cooperative Extension
• Facilitating Effective Meetings and Groups – Virginia Cooperative Extension
• Family Engagement and Retention: How to Engage and Retain Families in
Your Program – Markella Maschas
• Not Just Fun and Games – Alternatives Inc
• Things Come Better in Pairs: Discovering the Power of Activating Both
Conversation and Facilitation When Working with Youth – Paul Short

Proposal Writing and Grant Management Workshops

• Grant Writing 101: It’s A Process – Valerie Liggins-Law
• Grant Writing 102: Writing a Proposal – Valerie Liggins-Law

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