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Y do u think campaign commercials

In addition to mass media, each ydouthink campaign is also promoted through Facebook and YouTube. These social media channels have proven to be the most popular among Virginia teens, allowing ydouthink to communicate directly with teens. During each campaign, ydouthink has interactions with hundreds of teens through comments and direct messages. Each conversation deepens the brand’s message and allows ydouthink to interact with even the most skeptical high-risk youth.

VFHY’s award-winning advertising campaign, ydouthink, prioritizes messages and media channels that evidence shows are most likely to reach at-risk teens. To select messages, VFHY first identifies which new piece of knowledge has the potential to change behavior. Then, ydouthink creative ideas are developed to present the selected message in the most effective manner possible. VFHY repeats this process every six to eight weeks by creating a new campaign with new advertisements to ensure that messages are refreshed often, constantly piquing the interest of high-risk teens.

To date, ydouthink has produced and aired more than 100 TV commercials and hundreds more radio, outdoor and interactive ads. Recently, these commercials have been connected to campaigns that hone in on specific facts. Click below to see some of these campaigns:

Deforestation TV commercial
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The Undoing
Bad Breath War TV ad
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The Breath War
Pet health TV commercial
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Smoking & Pets
Convenience store clerk TV ad
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What girls think is hot TV Ad
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What's Hot
Tobacco Targeting Kids TV Spot
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That's Y