Research : VFHY

Research is a critical component of the Virginia Foundation for Health Youth’s (VFHY) strategies to reduce and prevent youth tobacco use in Virginia. VFHY funds collaborative projects that include university and community partnerships as well as multiple disciplines to utilize expertise and resources efficiently.

Throughout VFHY’s history, funding has been used as a base for pilot projects and data to obtain additional outside funding for youth tobacco use prevention research in Virginia.   We know the value of collaboration and research-sharing in the scientific community and require our grantees to participate in the Virginia Youth Tobacco Projects Coalition. We have great interest in generating new investigators’ interest in tobacco prevention research and encourage them to contact us to connect to seasoned researchers.

Current Research Projects

Currently, VFHY funds six research projects at three institutions across Virginia:

Eastern Virginia Medical School
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George Mason University
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Virginia Commonwealth University
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Virginia Youth Tobacco Projects (VYTP)

In its mandate from the VFHY Board, the VYTP was charged with the responsibility to build a statewide, coordinated program of multi-disciplinary research on youth tobacco use.  In addressing that mandate, the Virginia Youth Tobacco Projects Research Coalition was established (PIs are Dr. J. Randy Koch and Dr. Alison Breland).

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