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Nominate a community partner for VFHY’s first-ever Powerful Partner Award 

VFHY is accepting nominations to recognize the work of our grantees community partners. The Powerful Partner Award will honor organizations and individuals that have contributed significantly to the goals and objectives of VFHY grantees. 

Purpose of the Award

It’s undeniable that community partners go above and beyond to help VFHY grantees reach their goals and objectives. These unsung heroes are providing invaluable support to community-based organizations, local nonprofits and school systems across the state. We’ve heard stories of teachers working through their planning periods to troubleshoot program implementation issues.  Others have shared stories of partners donating their time and services for pro bono work to support advocacy and community outreach campaigns.  The list of stories is too long to share – but they all boil down to partners coming together with grantees to improve the health and well-being of Virginia’s children. This award will recognize organizations and individuals that have demonstrated unique contributions to VFHY grantees.   


Any active VFHY Tobacco Prevention grantee or HCAT grantee may nominate an organization or an individual person for the Powerful Partners Award. If a grantee manages both a Tobacco Prevention grant and an HCAT grant, it may nominate two separate organizations/individuals for the award. 


Any organization or individual that has partnered with a VFHY grantee since July 1, 2021 may be nominated. Current VFHY grantees, individuals employed by grantees and individuals contracted by grantees are not eligible for nomination.

State and local government employees who cannot accept a gift of more than $100 because of § 2.2-3103.1 are not eligible for the cash award.

The Award

The Powerful Partner Award will be awarded to eight recipients across Virginia: one Tobacco Prevention grantee and one HCAT grantee per region (Central, North, Southeast and Southwest). Each recipient will be:  

  • Awarded a $250 cash prize 
  • Featured on the VFHY web site and social media platforms to highlight their invaluable contributions

Selection Process

Regional Advisory Boards in each region will select the recipients and will consider the following criteria: 

  • The nominee’s contributions went above and beyond the normal expectations of the established partnership
  • The nominee’s contributions clearly assisted the grantee in successfully accomplishing the goals and objectives of a VFHY project 
  • The nominee’s contributions positively impacted youth served by the grant or the community at large

Important Dates

  • Nominations will be considered for work conducted after July 1, 2021
  • The deadline for nominations to be submitted has been extended from March 18 to March 25, 2022 
  • Awards will be announced on a rolling basis starting April 28, 2022 


Contact Michael Parsons, Director of Programs at or 757-784-8669

Powerful Partner Nomination Form

2022 Powerful Partners Award Nomination Form
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