Charlottesville High School Invests in Water to Invest in their Students’ Wellness : VFHY

CHARLOTTESVILLE – Charlottesville High School is unveiling its fruit-infused water dispensers to celebrate the school’s effort to increase students and staff access to healthier beverage choices, and in turn, create a healthier school environment. The fruit-infused water dispensers will be available every school day in the cafeteria for students, teachers, and staff to enjoy.

“The idea of my peers being able to access water that tastes good and is easily accessible is exciting! I can’t wait to see everyone drinking their fruit-infused water around the school and in class,” shares Abby, a senior at Charlottesville High School and Y Street Leadership Team member.

Each year the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth (VFHY) hosts Rev Your Bev Day and in 2019 sponsored hundreds of local events to engage the public with the importance of making healthy beverage choices.

“Rev Your Bev is empowering kids to make healthy choices for themselves. VFHY is proud of the work done by Y Street leaders to promote water as a healthy beverage option.” Said VFHY Executive Director Marty Kilgore. As a Y Street partner school, Charlottesville youth leaders work with the Rev Your Bev campaign to increase water access in their school and promote healthy hydration by encouraging students and staff to drink more water.  Y Street Advisor, Jessica Brantley, led the charge of having water dispensers regularly available during school hours after being inspired by Rev Your Bev Day – a Virginia statewide day of action to raise awareness about the health benefits of making water your No. 1 beverage of choice – in May 2019.

Brantley says, “Through their taste testing efforts and their Rev Your Bev events they have received a lot of positive feedback from students regarding their desire to have more healthy options available during the school day. I applaud the efforts of the group and I am really proud of our student advocates!”

With the support of Move2Health Coalition, Brantley was able to secure a donation of fresh fruit from Sentara.

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