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Rev Your Bev

Rev Your Bev Day is an annual statewide day of action to raise awareness about the benefits of making water your #1 beverage of choice. Rev Your Bev brings community groups, educators and health advocates together to change the way Virginians think about beverages.

The Rev Your Bev initiative culminates in Rev Your Bev Day on a day of action each year when partners celebrate with interactive displays and educational opportunities. Since 2013 more than 250,000 Virginians have participated in more than 3,200 Rev Your Bev events held across the state.

In 2016, Rev Your Bev Day began focusing its efforts on early childhood education centers and preschool providers to increase awareness of healthy beverage choices. In addition to generating awareness, Virginia early childhood education providers were encouraged to establish center-based healthy hydration policies that would sustain the programmatic goals of the Rev Your Bev campaign and thus result in creating life-long healthy habits for our youngest Virginians.

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