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Behind the Haze

Behind The Haze is a health communications campaign being currently implemented in Virginia. Health communications campaigns are designed to target a broad audience at risk of engaging in a harmful health behavior, such as the current vaping epidemic among youth.

In 2019, the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth launched its Behind The Haze campaign which delivers educational messaging about the harmful chemicals found in vapor, health consequences to vaping, and their link to nicotine addiction. The target audience of Behind The Haze is Virginia youth ages 13 to 18.

Behind The Haze messaging reveals the dangers of formaldehyde, acetone, acetaldehyde, and other carcinogens that are found in vapor from e-cigarettes.

The Behind The Haze online presence is intended to reach the audience on the media platforms they already spend time on, which brings visibility to the message and maintains an integrated approach to the targeting strategy.

Through online promotional tactics such as digital marketing and social media, as well as television and radio advertisements Behind The Haze has reached over 430,000 youth.

Behind the Haze

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