HCAT Grants (2023) - VFHY
HCAT Grants (2023)

Request for proposals announced in Fall 2022

VFHY provides funding to Healthy Communities Action Teams (HCATs) throughout Virginia to improve access to healthy foods and opportunities for physical activity to prevent and reduce childhood obesity in the Commonwealth of Virginia. VFHY funding provides infrastructure support to build and sustain state and local capacity to implement promising practices and activities emphasizing policy, systems, and environmental change.

HCATs consist of a minimum of five representatives from a locality. These partners may include community organizations, schools, policy makers, local growers, physicians, businesses, health departments, faith-based organizations, cooperative extension agencies, after-school programs and others active in the call for healthier, sustainable lifestyles that prevent and reduce childhood obesity.

HCATs are charged with addressing two areas related to impact and sustainability. They work to build community infrastructure to ensure they will have the foundation to select and implement the required changes in their localities. These activities can include board and strategic plan development as well as planning for becoming a nonprofit organization.

These grants also identify opportunities in their communities to address obesity prevention through policy, systems and environmental changes. The community coalitions develop and address nutrition and/or physical activity initiatives. HCATs identify opportunities for policy, systems and environmental changes that promote increased access to healthy foods and opportunities for physical activity at the local level.

Check back in Fall 2022 for more information about applying for our next round of HCAT grant awards. In the meantime, send an email to our public affairs manager to sign up for our email alerts and stay up to date with what VFHY is working on in your community.

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