What Are They Smoking Now??: An Update on Teen Vaping & Marijuana Use - VFHY

Workshop Description

This workshop is an overview of the evolution of e-cigarettes, usage trends among teens and young adults and the risks and concerns related to these trends. There will be some discussion of adolescent development and why any substance use is concerning for the young brain. We will look at how advertising and social media have contributed to the problem and what can be done at various levels of intervention, including treatment and cessation tools. The program invites schools and communities to develop their own protocols to address this growing problem. The discussion will also address marijuana use in young people as there is an overlap and continuum of use that often involves cannabis.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Gain an understanding of the risks of substance use during adolescence and the young adult years
  • Learn what type of electronic smoking devices are available, the differences and be able to recognize them
  • Gain information about the health risks and trends in use among adolescents and young adults
  • Address myths, trends and concerns related to marijuana use in young people and the connection to vaping
  • Provide opportunities for interaction and collaboration to begin to brainstorm ways to address these issues in our own school or community

Please note: This is a two-part workshop. You must complete both sessions to receive a certificate of completion.

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