Grant Writing: It's a Process - VFHY

Workshop Description

In this workshop, you will learn what to emphasize when seeking funding for your project with state and local funders. Learn how the history of the organization, leadership and staff responsibilities and data of the community can play a significant role in funding decisions. This workshop will address how establishing a network and rapport with partners is important in positioning your grant request. Classroom discussions will discuss the importance of determining realistic costs for proposed projects, ideas for finding data and other tips to ensure attention to detail for presenting the argument and scenario for funding. This workshop will help you to understand the bigger picture behind the submission of a grant and the common mistakes grantees make when they do not perform their due diligence prior to putting pen to paper.

Key learning Objectives

  • Provide insight to participants on how to approach funders
  • To understand the importance of utilizing data and community stakeholder expertise to document the need on which the request is based
  • Increase the capacity of the organization to develop a strategy for seeking funding
  • To assist organizations in assessing their capacity to manage a grant
  • Explore what contributes to a successful submission

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