Building and Sustaining a Culture of Strategic Intersections: Creating Signature Partnerships in Your City - VFHY

Workshop Description

Are you ready to utilize signature partnerships? Many of us in leadership, prevention work, or direct services of youth turn to an auto-pilot mindset or we are stuck with the following question: “How do I move this program/project forward creatively?”

Current partnerships become cumbersome, dry, and obsolete. Come ready to view partnerships interactively from a fresh perspective! Learn how to identify, capture, engage, and sustain the right partnerships in your community and city, empower and equipping you with sharper tools to yield greater results. Activate a strategic plan to advance your programs and projects today. Participants will receive a new vision for their desired outcomes.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Comprehend how signature partnerships can elevate direct services of youth in your city
  • Understand the three cuts (F, C, and S) of partnerships in building a culture of strategic intersections
  • Learn the positive outcomes of a partnership-driven culture for youth work
  • Learn the artistry of partnership acceleration
  • Engage in the framework design of signature partnerships in their own city
  • Develop an activation and strategic plan of sustainable state, city, and local intersections for change

Please note: This is a two-part workshop. Each session is 90 minutes and you must complete both sessions to receive a certificate of completion.

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Limited to 30 registrations