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May 19 2016
Intent to Award Marketing Contracts for FY17 RFP# 852M711 - VFHY's Web/Digital/Design Marketing Initiatives Rescue Agency: Award amount not to exceed $400,000 Channel Communications, Inc.: Award amount not to exceed $100,000 Recommended for Renewal: VFHY’s Social Marketing Initiatives,... Read more
May 22 2014
RFP# 852M411 - VFHY’s Social Marketing Initiatives, Messaging, and Media                                      Barber Martin Agency: $2.5 million Rescue Social Change Group: $500,000 Virginia Broadcast Solutions: $500,000 RFP# 852M413 – VFHY’s Evaluation and Research of VFHY’s Social... Read more
May 22 2013
The Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth's Board of Trustees passed a motion at its May 21 meeting recommending marketing contracts for renewal. The following notice of intent to award funding for the FY14 VFHY Marketing Campaign includes:   Barber Martin Advertising Contract Number:  8520672... Read more